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Your business website should compliment your style, your business ethos, and your corporate brand, not dictate them. No business is too small to benefit from having a quality website that is certain to establish instant credibility with potential clients. Business websites are a great platform for offering a shop window to your existing and potential clientèle, therefore being able to generate better quality and greater numbers of enquiries than traditional advertising medias. With a business website your business is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

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Why buy an online business from YBIS?

When you buy an online business through YBIS you are buying more than just a money making opportunity, you get access to a whole host of additional benefits that are essential to a successful business, these include:

One to one design process with industry experts making sure you are absolutely satisfied with the look and feel of your website.
Fully comprehensive video training, after care and support with access to a bespoke content management system using a unique user ID and password.
You will have access to powerful article software designed to make running your website business as simple as possible.
We can ensure your business will be completely unique with a fantastic earning potential.
You will be able to run your business from anywhere with an internet connection so you will have complete peace of mind.
We are continually improving our software and will provide you with continuous updates for as long as you remain hosted by us.

About Our Online Business Opportunities

YBIS are dedicated to seeking out the most profitable online business opportunities in specific market niches allowing the average person the chance to earn a substantial income using a proven business model. Our continuous training and support from industry professionals provides the peace of mind and reassurance that every business owner requires to be a success.

All of our business opportunities work on an affiliate marketing business model where you can generate a substantial passive income 24/7 by promoting other peoples products (POPP). All of our websites contain thousands of products from the UK’s largest online retailers in the most profitable market niches that will help all of your visitors find the cheapest products quickly and easily. You earn commission every single time someone who visits your website goes on to make a purchase with the larger retailers, up to 90 days after they were originally referred regardless of the product they choose to buy. You also earn money every single time a visitor clicks on any of the Google Adsense adverts that are prominently displayed on your website.

All earnings are paid direct to your bank account every 15 days!*

YBIS are not selling a ‘Get-Rich-Quick’ scheme, there are many fake schemes available today that simply do not work. YBIS are confident on the quality of service, return on investment potential and training that our business opportunities can offer you.

If you are unsure as to what niche you would like to profit in or need any advice on choosing the right opportunity for you please take the time to view many of our online videos explaining the opportunity in full detail. Alternatively call us at the office on 01202 474609 or send us an enquiry

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